No gym. No weights. 30 minute workouts. Start now!

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Bodyweight Series by Rushtush Pty Ltd was developed for women who want to gain confidence in their fitness and body and are unable to make it to the gym or don’t have access to a gym or are on vacation. It is also designed to compliment your weight training days and can be used for extra cardio resistance. The Bodyweight Series is based on using your bodyweight only, so you wont need any equipment.

I recommend you follow the Phase of your programme for 3-4 weeks at a time, after which I believe it is most beneficial to advance onto the next phase of the series, it will prevent your body from adapting and plateauing. It is essential for optimal results that the body is continuously challenged in order for it to change and develop.

Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced phases for Upper Body as well as Legs & Tush are all available for purchase separately and can fit any budget.

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