Rushtush Motivation

I’m a 29-year-old qualified personal trainer and I own a women-only studio, ‘Glow’, in Cape Town. At age 22, I took the initiative to end my sedentary lifestyle. I changed my bad-eating habits, took up running and yoga. Something was missing, and that was the motivation, and it was evident in my halting results. After seeking out a personal trainer to assist me with my running injuries and weight plateau, I was introduced to Functional Training; and my entire life took a different direction, I had new found motivation for fitness.

I became engrossed in all things fitness – primarily around the basis of movement patterns, bodyweight and kettlebells. With a solid base on Odd Lifting, Olympic Lifts, Speed Work, Core Training, Balance Training, Co-Ordination Work, Power Work And Plyometric Training, Base Conditioning became my strong point. The entire evolution of one of my clients, and their psychological development captivated me. It was something I wanted every babe in the world to experience.

Forever learning, reading and experiencing all different styles and approaches to training, I discovered that there’s never only one way to train women, and that most women are all after a common goal – they want to be confident, feel strong, stand tall and be able to hold their own. It is an ideal that is based on a mindset, rather than a body fat percentage and a number on the scale. I wanted to teach girls and women that having that dream body is a marathon, not a sprint. That it takes time, consistency and structure.

So began my journey. I assisted my (then) personal trainer in opening up his gym where I headed up a female-only class called TightTush, aimed at introducing the women of Cape Town to this intense, functional weight-training style. The class was a huge success, and the conversion from sedentary females to Fitness Freaks was so positive that it ignited a fire within me to inspire, encourage and empower more and more women. At this time I was offering a personal training service to men and women, but my passion was really about helping women. I then qualified through ACE – the American Council of Exercise.

I then made the decision to purely focus on women-only training. After moving a few times, I finally settled on my own space and studio where girls could feel safe and secure, in an environment where like-minded women shared the same goals in a non-competitive, supportive way. Glow is a space where I teach my methodology and training techniques, refined for women by a woman who has experienced it all. It is a space where girls come to work very hard, with a fuss-free focus on lifting, sweating and (sometimes) nearly dying. My little, to no, rest and ‘no such word as can’t’ attitude is sure to push you to your edge and beyond; ensuring that there is intensity where there should be. It’s a starting point for women to discover how strong they really can become – both physically and emotionally – leaving with little, to hopefully no, doubt that there is absolutely nothing you cannot achieve. With the greatest reward of all – having the best body you can have.

To ensure I am adding extra value in guiding women on a holistic level, I’m currently completing a Nutrition Course at the Sports Science Institute of South Africa. Compiling these Glow Guides is really my first step towards helping women near and far to become their best selves and to feel that exhilaration of completing a physical task and overcoming a mental challenge – like all my Glow Girls have, like I have. It’s my mission here on this earth; it’s my gift to you.