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Yesterday was my website’s 1 month birthday…

As the clock struck midnight on new years day I had a surge of creative ideas. But what is an idea without a plan? I read somewhere that a dream without a deadline is just a wish. Most people wish their lives away. I’m more the type of girl that loves all of what she got given, rounds up her resources and creates. I love creating. Making something out of nothing. Seeing potential in a space. Creating a safe and secure environment for women. Helping women discover their true potential. I’m a self proclaimed queen of making shit happen . The year hasn’t even fully begun but so many exciting things are ahead for my brand, my glow girls and myself.

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It’s been a dream come true, living my best life as personal trainer. I give myself butterflies every other day when an idea I implement is well received, or I see the results of my hard work and my clients hard work or I receive an email from a potential client who would commend me on the positive work I’ve been doing and how I influenced her to live a healthier life.

Sweaty Sundays with Glow girls

Of course it wasn’t all Rushtush, rainbows and biceps you know. Before I became a personal trainer I was a graphic designer and had enough of the corporate world. Being a drone churning out work while developing poor posture and a flat arse, at my desk. I had to make a change and fell in love with fitness through my then mentor who was my first personal trainer. My whole life changed. And looking back I wouldn’t change any of the hard times and hours spent helping someone else make their dreams happen. If you never have bad times how do you appreciate the good, right? Smooth seas never made skillful sailors…

Rushtush the Queen of Tightush

My parents took a stern approach. My mom said that I was making the biggest mistake and that I’d struggle my whole life, being only worth the hours I’d spend in the gym, working like a dog, never being able to support myself when I told her I was signing up at ACE to take up personal training as a profession. My dad commented: “that’s a kak job.” Of course being me I went ahead and did Rushtush anyway. I worked really hard at it doing crazy hours, booking myself up, causing me to always get ill, over eat and of course over train. My parents were totally unsupportive through it all. As I was building a repertoire I started to do really well in the personal training gym I was working at and my then mentor (gym owner) began to crack at the seams. This could’ve been due to many reasons which I wont go into over here. One day he just lost his shit and fired me. Demanding me to leave the gym right away. He said to me that he had created me, that I was just fat  and struggling with my weight until he came along, going on to say that I was nothing and no one and what did I know about personal training as he has xx years of experience. No one was going to hire me, where would I get a job? “Lets see what’s going to happen to you now?” he said.

Sometimes you’ve got to get fired, to get fired up!!

I never felt more alone and misplaced in my life. Looking back now it was an exciting turning point for me and the best gift I had received: Freedom. It was fight or flight and I did both, hard. I worked my butt off and secured a space where I could train new clients and start my own women’s only personal training business. I launched my own business two months later and before I started training I had 10 clients already signed up! After my first month solo I’d already manage to give myself a raise lol.

Lightpink Launch

After that launch day I never doubted my capabilities ever again. I never listen to the naysayers. I don’t indulge in down talk. If I have an idea that excites me I go for it and make it happen. I believe in myself and I deliver my best with passion. When I sold my first Bodyweight Series workout on my website I could not stop smiling. My jaw was so sore from being triumphant that I yelled to my husband: I sold a workout I sold a workout!!! The idea of creating something out of nothing and having women actually buy it and want it, is thrilling. After all the negative things I’ve been told by people, (and some who were very dear and important to me), its surreal that I’m living my best life.

Bodyweight Series by Rushtush
Bodyweight Series by Rushtush

I hope to always be blessed with the energy and resources to create things that you might need. That will give you direction in your fitness journey. Or even inspire you to follow your dream ,to become your own inspiration and be your own hero. Sometimes it takes balls to be a woman, and if you need a hero and you’re standing alone, its time to create one out of yourself.

Go get em girl!

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Theres a lil Rushtush in everyone. lol

Love your trainer
(Mrs Rushda Ebrahim)

Girl Power
Girl Power!
  1. Zubayda Abrahams

    wow! What a journey. You’re a true inspiration, of never giving up no matter what! May you and your business continue to flourish. Well done!!

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