The Complete Woman Closes 2015

It has to be something really big that brings me to my knees sitting writing a closing post to all you beautiful ladies… Its not often I have time to sit and put some of my words down for all of you to struggle to make sense of.

But I owe it to all of you, for working so hard on making even a small difference to your lifestyle to improve your bodies and in turn your lives. I notice all of you, the preparation, the mindful dietary changes, the snaps from the gym, the updates of your physiques, the inspiration and encouragement, all the emails, the tweets, the Facebook messages and all the love from near and far. I believe 2016 is going to be bigger and better with even more room for all of you to explore self discovery and self love. Nothing is more empowering than overcoming something physically challenging. Discovering your body can do so much more only opens up bigger possibilities in other aspects of your life.








This year I’ve tried to extend my reach and branched out to fierce and wonderful women, who through my observation could be even greater if they worked on the physical aspect of their life. The results have been so rewarding, as they always are. One of my goals for 2015 was to influence women all over South Africa, I thank many of you who have come out and joined the movement and in turn inspiring many other women just like you to reconsider their choices. I work with exceptional women, moms, wives, career women, students, young professionals, all dealing with modern day pressures. Often as women we forget about our health; our bodies and ourselves. I’m here to encourage you that going into 2016, there is no shame in saying: “No, thank you” to cake at the office or at family. “No, sorry, I cannot make it, I’ve got gym,” To friends who want to go out partying. There is no shame for taking time out for yourself to work on you…


As women we are expected to smell nice, look pretty, be great cooks, be open minded and forward thinking, driven, but not too competitive against our partners (or potential partners), nurturing and at the same time, now lately, having a tiny waist and a thick bottom is preferred. Lol. The irony. I may or may not have something to do with the last social disaster but over the last 5 years training and influencing girls and women, a somewhat of a phenomena occurred: my girls are banging, and through this correct training the ultimate Goddess Body was born. The aesthetic appeal goes further than the cynical feminist shade throwing: “just a piece of ass,” “There’s more to life than a big bum,” I always iterate that you can have it all. A career, family, respect and a tight body! I’ve trained and helped all types of women, each of them with their own personal values, morals and social image. However you wish to express your body is entirely up to you. Strength can be defined differently for different woman. My aim is to address all the issues you may be faced with. Working on your physical strength reinforces stamina as an aging woman, a woman who was designed to carry children. Yes one may argue that you don’t have to bear children if you are a woman, but then how did we all get here if our mothers never carried us? Lol. Someone’s got to do it. If not right now, perhaps one day God willingly. Don’t deny yourself the possibility to be your strongest and most able super woman self (mom or not). You don’t have to be what everyone wants you to be. Start by looking within yourself and ask yourself what do I want? How do I want to feel? Who do I want to be? What people will encourage me to be this better person? 2016 can be the year you focus on yourself. This year I’ve seen so many people join the herd, attaching themselves to what they think is “cool” perhaps because everyone is doing it… Who knows? Joining classes or programs just because they need to “do something” which in fairness, is a start to making a change, but often women are doing the incorrect type of training for their bodies. Being misled in the fitness industry is common. It’s like having your hair cut poorly for years, not knowing what is right for your hair type or face shape all along.



I feel women don’t take a moment to step back and think what is it that they want? Perhaps now is a good time before the silly season clouds our judgment, to ask ourselves

  • What did I achieve physically this year?
  • What do I want to achieve in 2016?
  • 3 x Physical Goals (for eg: run a 5km, do 10 clap pushups)
  • Am I happy with how I look naked?
  • What is my plan going forward?


Be honest with yourself and compare photographs. Always keep a weight loss / fat loss journal recording changes in your physique. Also match the amount of exercise you are doing to the way your body has responded. This is also a crucial factor when planning for 2016 Goals.


April vs August 2015

April vs August 2015

Stay focused and keep on sending updates and questions! Never stop loving yourself.

I may not respond immediately but I am sure to answer in one way or another via Youtube, Snapchat or Twitter 🙂

Yours in training, love rush xoxo



I am still taking on clients for December until Xmas closing!! So we do have a few weeks to get you ready for the festive season!

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