Newbie Body Training Guide

Starting a new programme can be daunting and you may have a few doubts before starting. So I’ve put together a few frequently asked questions to put your mind at ease.

Who is this programme for?

Anyone, really. This is definitely the programme for you if you’re a babe who’s hiding in an uncomfortable body, just dying to reveal your true physique but you don’t know where to start. Newbie Body Training will take you from couch potato to fitness freak in no time and teach you the fundamentals of moving correctly, working with proper form and how to get the body you’ll feel confident in.

What if I haven't ever exercised before?

No problem. This programme is designed for babes who have never exercised before. And if you’re lucky enough to have exercised before, or engaged in some sort of fitness regime, this programme is the perfect comeback from a break.

How young or old do I need to be?

Any healthy females from the age of 16 to 45 can benefit from Newbie Body training.

What will I learn?

Newbie Body Training is carefully designed for anyone – from the fitness novice to the physical professional who’s looking for a new challenge. You will learn how to perform the essential movements to build a strong foundation for a fitter, healthier, injury-free future. You will also learn a lot about your body and what an amazing machine it can become. You will learn the importance of weight training, cardio, resting and stretching.

Do I need a gym membership to use Newbie Body Training?

Do I need a gym membership to use Newbie Body Training?


No you don’t. But you do need this kit. Think of it as your Babe Building Tools. You’ll need:

  • a workout mat to support your knees
  • a set of 6 kg dumbbells
  • one 7.5 kg or 8 kg kettlebell
  • a 3-5kg (preferably hard) medicine ball
  • a skipping rope
  • a bench or step, or if you don’t own any of these a chair or flight of steps for the first five weeks of the programme will work just fine
  • two 7.5 kg or 8 kg kettle bells after the 5 weeks
  • a 55 cm-65 cm-body ball

Will I receive a diet with Newbie Body?

No, you will have to purchase the Glow Cleanse separately. You may follow your own diet and still see results. If you need assistance and guidelines as where to start, what to eat and when to eat it, then Glow Cleanse is perfect for you. Be sure to subscribe to our mailer to stay in touch with all news and updates.

If I suffer from a back injury or any other medical injuries can I use Newbie Body Training?

I would suggest you see a medical professional or a Biokinetist or anyone of a similar field before you start this, or any, healthy eating or fitness programme.


Rushtush Pty Ltd is not responsible for any damages or injuries when using NBT, nor does Rushtush Pty Ltd aim to cure any disease, injury or medical condition.

I am pregnant; can I use Newbie Body Training?

I would never recommend taking up a fitness programme during pregnancy, but if you have been exercising regularly prior to your pregnancy, training while pregnant can assist in labour, strengthen muscles, help to regulate hormones and make you feel good, overall. In Newbie Body Training the sessions get progressively more intense and the frequency is increased too. It would be safe to contact a medical professional first before getting a Personal Trainer.
See (http://www.babycenter.com/0_the-13-rules-of-safe-pregnancy-exercise_622.bc) for 13 Safe Rules of Pregnancy.

Do I have to train on the days you set out your sessions?

No, you can train on any day that works with your schedule as long as you train the amount of sessions required for the week. You do not have to train on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. This is my recommendation with resting days in-between your weight sessions. Starting out I would not recommend doing more than three weight sessions per week, I would also not do weight sessions two days in a row. Give your body the required time to rest – stretch and do cardio in-between weights. Follow structured days for 8 weeks, as your body needs to adapt to load and frequency.

How soon before I see results?

Every babe is different so the results may vary. If you have never trained before, you will notice results in strength, endurance, mood and fitness after the first few sessions. For most people, if you have exercised before, it will take you one to two months to see visible changes. If you’ve always regularly trained then stopped, you will only see results after a few months, provided your intensity is correct and that you’re following the Newbie Body Training properly. NBT works on progressively overloading your body with skill, load and intensity.

How do I track my results?

In Part One I will explain to you how to take your Before NBT Picture and when to weigh yourself. You may tag me on your progress pictures on Instagram for my feedback.

What if I'm unsure about an exercise programme like the Newbie Body Training programme?

Don’t worry, I will be with you every step of the way. There are step-by step-pictures depicting all 192 exercises in the Glow Guide and complicated exercises can be found on the website on the ‘Workouts Glossary’ page.