Glow Kickstart 4 week DIY challenge


Make a start to the new you on a physical positive note with proper guidelines on how to move forward on a healthier lifestyle. Consistency and structure will always produce results and the challenge is designed to demonstrate to you what a healthy diet is like, what a training program is like and what a cardio program is like. It will show you what you can achieve in 4 weeks of structure and focus. Receive coaching via Whatsapp with Rushda every Friday between 3-3:30pm. Also stand a chance of winning UP TO R5000 cash prize for best transformation.


  1. to find and finalise training routine
  2. define what healthy eating long term is for you
  3. understand reefed days and off days, to learn how to incorporate this into every day life
  4. lose up to 6kg in 4 weeks
  5. Drop cms
  6. change physique composition with weight training
  7. to love the body you’re in, feel strong confident and in control of your health
  8. stand a chance of winning the cash prize

What do I need to qualify for the challenge?

  1. be a living female, based anywhere in the world (challenge is done online)
  2. access to a home gym / gym
  3. proper walking / running shoes
  4. have a diet to follow for the duration of the challenge

If you already have one of my diets, follow that. If you don’t have a diet, I have that option available to you.

  1. A weight training program.

If you already have a weight program that’s perfectly fine to follow that, if you need a training program I have my Newbie Body Guide available as an option to you.

When does the challenge start?

Challenge starts Monday 26 March and ends Sunday 22 April.
Entries close Friday 23 March.
All contestants need to send STARTING PHOTOGRAPHS by Sunday evening 25 March.

Glow up 4 week DIY Challenge Pricelist

Entry level option R420
No diet
No training
Glow Cleanse option R750
Includes 4 week Glow Cleanse eBook
No training
Training option R750
Includes 4 week Newbie Body Guide
No diet
Complete option R1200
Includes 4 week Glow Cleanse Ebook
Includes 4 week Newbie Body Training Guide

ALL options include Cardio Programs and a Weekly Schedule.
ALL options do not include small group training with Rushda at GLOW. They are all DIY Options. If you wish to enquire about training with Rushda, email her directly for rates.

How to enter

PLEASE make the payment into the account below.
EMAIL the POP with your option of choice.
EMAIL starting photograph and weight on Sunday 25 March.
No entrant’s fee is refundable or transferable.

Banking details

Nedbank Cheq acc no 1046519972
Claremont Branch Code 104609
Ref (Name:GU4)


  1. Hey Rushda

    When does the next Glow Cleanse challenge Start.


  2. Hi Rushda, do you have vegan options available yet? I want to join the challenge but eat a plant based diet.

  3. Aslm how much to buy the glow cleanse and workout only without entering the challenge.. Is that an option?

  4. Hi
    I’d like to get with the programme, I really need the meal plan. I also don’t want to do the challenge
    At least not as yet. Maybe start it on my own and see how it goes. Please let me know if it is possible

  5. Junade/Zayaan

    Yo, messaged you on insta. Pls send deets of training available

  6. Is there anyway of getting the hulk juice recipe and eating plan without having to enter the glow cleanse challenge ??

  7. Candice Naidu

    Hi rush how do I go about to do the challenge what are the cost. I’m in Durban tho.

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