DATES: 7th October HEAT 1 & 4th November HEAT 2


The popular and successful transformation challenge is back!

Make a start to the new you on a physical positive note with proper guidelines on how to move forward on a healthier lifestyle. Consistency and structure will always produce results and the challenge is designed to demonstrate to you what a healthy diet is like, what a training program is like and what a cardio program is like. It will show you what you can achieve in 4 weeks of structure and focus. Receive coaching via Whatsapp with Rushda and the Challenge Support Group. This time is set out for you to ask her questions. Also stand a chance of winning UP TO R3000 cash prize for best transformation. This is not a weight loss challenge. It is PURE transformation and also judged on dedication.

1. To find and finalise your training routine going forward
2. Define what healthy eating is for you, in the long term
3. Understand reefed days and off days, to learn how to incorporate this into every day life
4. Lose up to 6kg in 4 weeks (Ive had clients lose 10kg in 4 weeks)
5. Drop cms, sculpt your physique
6. Change physique composition with weight training
7. To love the body you’re in, feel strong confident and in control of your health, you now have the tools to live a healthy strong life
8. Stand a chance of winning the cash prize!

1. A living female, based anywhere in the world (challenge is done online) you don’t have to train with me.
2. Access to a home gym / gym
3. Proper walking / running shoes
4. A diet to follow for the duration of the challenge.
If you already have one of my diets, follow that. If you don’t have a diet, I have that option available to you.
5. A weight training program.
If you already have a weight program that’s perfectly fine to follow that, if you need a training program I have my Newbie Body Guide (4 week version only) available as an option to you.

HEAT 1 starts 7th October and HEAT 2 starts 4 November.
All contestants need to send STARTING PHOTOGRAPHS by Sunday evening before the Monday of the challenge starting date. Don’t forget that once you enter you need to send your OPTION along with POP in order for me to send you relevant documentation.

You do not have to enter the challenge PUBLICLY. Rushda will only post visuals of clients who have given their consent and are happy to enter publicly. It is the challengees prerogative to inspire other women through Rushda’s social platforms. You may remain anonymous.


No diet
No training
Perfect for women who have trainers / a training program as well as one of my diets or are following their own eating plan.

Includes 4 week Glow Cleanse Ebook
No training guide

Includes 4 week Newbie Body Guide
No diet
Perfect for women who have a diet already.

Includes 4 week Glow Cleanse Ebook
Includes 4 week Newbie Body Training Guide

ALL Options include Cardio Programs and a Weekly Schedule.
ALL Options do not include small group training with Rushda at GLOW. They are all DIY Options. If you wish to enquire about training with Rushda, email her directly for rates.

PLEASE make the payment into the account below using the correct reference.
EMAIL the POP with your CHALLENGE of choice and option of choice.
EMAIL starting photograph and starting weight on the dates explained above. The starting photographs are not accepted unless the challengee is holding the current weekend paper in their hand of that weekend.
No entrants fee is refundable or transferable

Nedbank Cheq acc no 1046519972
Claremont Branch Code 104609
Ref (Name:Winter1) if HEAT 1 or Ref (Name:Winter2) if HEAT 2.

  1. Keanan Andrea

    Hi Rushda. My cousin is not on social but I have told her about you. She would like to know if there is a diet and workout available for her that only needs to lose weight in her tummy. She has two kids and is only concerned with her tummy fat.

    Looking forward to hearing from you.

    Kind regards

    • Hey Keenan of course she can EMAIL me she doesn’t have to be on social media? Does she have emailv

      • Aslm rushda , so i have so much belly fat after i had a c section with my son a year ago im a young mommy and its quite uncomfortable for me and make me not feel good about myself is there anything i can do to get rid of my c section fat ?
        Really wanna feel good about myself again lol

        Kind regards

  2. Hi Rushda,i would love to start exercising and eat healthy. My problem is I had a stroke 10 years ago and my left side is partially paralyzed. So often i want to give up but i have 2 kidos. What kind of mouher would i be if i quit.Your posts has saved me!

    I can stand so i do wall slides, leg liets etc. im considering buying the wondercore machine. I think im bored with what i do and mayae need your guidance and motivation. I want to beat this weight issue. Please help.
    Regards Tina

    • Please don’t give up! I think you should consider seeing a bio or a physio for treatment! Start with a healthy eating plan 🙂

  3. Hi
    I am a shift worker, and rotate between 3 shifts 06h00-14h00 , 14h00-22h00 and 22h0-06h00.
    Bearing this in mind will I be able to fit the diet option with such shifts ?
    I am able to gym when on all shifts, and currently have been following a calorie controlled diet and prep most of my food on Sundays and Wednesday’s.
    I’m looking to up my diet and loose the last few kg’s for my upcoming wedding in November.

  4. Hi Rush Tush,

    I hope that you are well.

    I’m thinking about joining one of the programmes!
    Can one start the diet before the official start of the challenge?

    How different is the cardio programme and weekly schedule to the newbie body? My main issue is results- I don’t know what weights to use and how often to train and when to do cardio and when to do weights for results….would the glow cleanse option with the cardio and weekly schedule suffice?

    Also, I was wondering if you have any “bundle purchases” for your ebooks? I see you’re doing the glow cleanse and the workout programme- I am also interested in the bikini diet. And I see there is a winter glow cleanse as well….

    Then is there any chance you will be doing workout dvds? Or perhaps drop in classes for those who want to train and see what is all about?

  5. Lee-Ann Philander


    I trust your well,I’m looking to basically lose my belly area after my son my belly is just flabby

    Would you be able to assist me in any way?

  6. Hi,

    Is the Glow Cleanse vegetarian? Including no eggs?

    If there is egg in the Cleanse is there a substitute?


  7. Hi rush rush I am a 22 year old mom had a c section last year have a belly now and getting a double chin I’m in desperate need of losing weight but I’m a stay at home mom to but don’t have gym equipment and not at a gym how do I lose weight and where do i start

  8. Hi rush…

    Does it matter or make a difference weather u do or buy the glow challenge or jus buy the glow cleanse?

    Seeing all the results, I’m So super excited to start…


  9. Hi Rush

    Definitely need to take you up on the challenge. Please help with which one to choose? What are the pros of


  10. Claire blandy

    Hi! I want to do the February challenge – so do I have to email you my starting photo on 2nd/3rd Feb with that weekend paper right? Also POP means proof of payment right? Sorry for the questions I just don’t want to miss out. Thanks! Claire

  11. Hi rush,

    I want to do the Feb cleanse but just wanted to make sure I have to post starting pics with the newspaper from weekend 2/3rd Feb right? Also POP means proof of payment yeah? Thanks, claire

  12. Hi Rush, I was thinking on starting with entry level but I see you don’t provide a rating and training plan. This will be my first time joining, what option would you suggest I take? I assumed it would be entry level because I’m a first timer

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