Hey There, and welcome :)

Hey There, Welcome Finally that anticipated exhalation!

Hey there and welcome! It only took me a few years to get my brand Rushtush officially online. I have been and am still working on a product that I can provide to you wherever you are in the world, it will be a product that is designed to change your life. All the while I am still working on transforming and influencing women on a daily basis in my studio; Glow in Cape Town. While my life has been going through so many radical changes itself. All positive changes of course, as I only believe one should move forward, letting go of the past in order to grow and develop from strength to strength.

I just celebrated my one year wedding anniversary, to an awesome caveman who wears a suit by day and a karate gi at night who for a living analyzes companies future prospects, has enough muscle and knowledge to nudge me into the direction I need to be going… Without too much more detail about my Romcom lets just say I highly recommend marriage.

The same month I got married I opened my studio. My attention and focus was literally in the gym and what everyone assumed a Bridezilla would become of me I was everything that defined a Gymzilla!

Prior to the wedding and Glow’s opening, I was faced with many obstacles during my career as a personal trainer but nothing and no one could stop me. I had to go on my own out of necessity and never ego. It was as if momentum was stored in my glutes and ever since my love for fitness was born I’ve never stopped gaining momentum.

This website is a starting point for bigger things: global reach. who knows where it will take me? I’m so excited to find out and welcome you all on my journey. Even though the process toward going live has given me a headache and cut into my training time, it has been an adventure that needed to be embarked on.

We should live and create with intention not habit, be less selfless and ego driven and live for something bigger. I cannot create more 5pms and 6pms in a day. There are only so many women in Cape Town I can influence in one day. If I haven’t met you yet, hopefully I will soon, but in the meantime I hope my online presence will educate, enlighten and inspire you to never stop giving up, to always push a little bit harder and to have faith in the process of (your body) life.

Thank you for visiting me here, it would be my pleasure for my Glow Guides to help you become someone you love, being your best you!

Your Trainer, Rush xoxo

  1. Amazing :))))))))

  2. Awesome. I am an avid follower of your motivational updates. Keep on with the amazing job 🙂

  3. Hi Rush! Many many maaaany congratulations!! Can’t WAIT for Glow Guides!!!! Light, Kimi x

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