How to Manage External and Dietary Factors to Ensure Weight Loss and Maintenance.

Being a woman is a beautiful thing, a glorious phenomena. Most girls wanna grow up and many women don’t even know they’re women until someone addresses them mam and returns a tupperwear. For some strange chemical reason women won’t accept themselves. I meet women daily, who stroll into my gym wishing to be smaller, thinner, flatter, more of this and that and none of all that fat, they reminisce over their younger years and their weights back in high school (when they were girls) and even though it was not so long ago, a lot has changed since then. And even back in high school girls still weren’t happy with their bodies.

I remember the fad diets we were on in high school skipping meals, drinking water and only eating slim slabs for days to lose weight. And we did. Dangerously unaware of the repercussions of Thinz (back in the day they still made that illegal stuff, you could get over the counter), starvation and slowing down our metabolisms for future strife. We were never thin enough anyway…

Then suddenly you can’t control your eating, you’re emotional, stressed out and your boobs are the size of melons. I refer to us women as a phenomena, a rare kind, ever changing for bigger or smaller. If you want to be a woman and I’m assuming you do, why not embrace yourself – your full being? learning to accept your true you takes years of practice in which there are plenty of hours, fitness sessions and cardio stints to better your body becoming your best you.

Weight gain and more so body shape changing is as guaranteed as the seasons. there are several factors that play an important role in women’s weight gain. let me shed some light as to why it is the way it is:


My most urgent stressor to my clients is stress, so much so that it stresses me out further :/ Stress is everywhere. while growing up my mom used to say: “Stress, what do you know about stress? you’re a child?!” when i told her i was stressed out. And arguably so, everyone experiences stress, but not everyone knows how to manage stress. Stress Management is like a modern Secret nowadays. i think ill dedicate an article solely to it. but for now, we shall try to avoid stress eating by planning ahead tasks, meals, events and giving yourself realistic goals with little to no pressure eases ones state of mind which will ease cortisol levels making sure that your body and mind are at a peaceful state of weightloss. we do not need you stressing about losing weight. because then you might never lose it, and add some more.


Sleep is my golden ticket to a hotter, slimmer perky body. Sleep, Stress Management, Diet and Exercise (in that order) are my 4 pillars of a healthy mind and body. lack of sleep decreases progesterone output, stunts you from recovering, lowers your immune system, slows down your metabolism and denies you the beauty of Growth Hormone. When you are sleep deprived you produce more of the hormone called Ghrehlin, and Ghrehlin tells you “to eat”! Leptin is the antagonistic hormones that tells you to stop eating and when you are sleep deprived you produce less Leptin. Did you know that you burn calories when you sleep? so next time you wake up and you’re dead tired perhaps skipping cardio won’t be a bad idea. for the other days there is always me…


Estrogen dominance occurs for many reasons, as we age the balance between progesterone and Estrogen goes off kilter (for many reasons) leaving us with an excess of Estrogen either way. Estrogen is a hormone manufactured by the ovaries. It promotes cell division and cell growth but in excess contributes to fat tissue. this is to be expected as we age, because progesterone declination is to be expected. i see this in a lot of older clients who are eating correctly but still have stubborn fat and cellulite.


Pesticides and Herbicides

If you have the luxury to shop organic do so, otherwise rinse and wash all your vegetables fruit and food before consuming.

Hormone Raised Meats

As much as possible eat free range or grass fed animals. The hormones in animals directly effect our digestion and our hormones. Using whey for most fitness life i discovered Bodylogix Whey Isolate, which is derived from grass fed organic cows, it is a massive bonus the product is cold pressed, sugar and gluten free! i would never recommend a product i haven’t used and love.

Cosmetic Chemicals and Industrial Solvents

This is a tough one because even the deodorants we use contain metals. from our lotions to our shampoo we need to shop more mindfully there are plenty of options available at health stores. You should be avoiding things like baby oils and Vaseline 🙁 Limiting your exposure could also help.

Liver functioning

Estrogen is metabolized in the liver, so if you have been abusing your liver you need to get on a detox. Incorporate liver supporting supplements, like Milk Thistle, Artichoke leaf, folic acid and Taurine. Also remember that the liver has to break down alcohol before it can break down the sugar and fats consumed with your meal. Avoid steroids and use drugs only when desperate. Nutrition before prescription.


Magnesium metabolizes estrogen in the sliver and many modern day diets and food restrictions as well as poor nutrition makes Magnesium deficiency rife. It also eases muscular cramps, and helps me with tension headaches, relaxing sore muscles and before bedtime allows a deeper sleep. I also spray Magnesium on my legs after leg day and on my wrists for quick absorption.


As we age we get heavier, add more muscle, plump up here and there, have a few kids, until for the latest at 65 then our weight will decline. Due to muscle and bone loss. We literally will shrink, and then its too late to start living a life in your dream weight body.

Never do we just live happily in the now embracing the changes, the growth spurts, lines, shapes and curves. Understanding that being a women comes with all its complications already and making a few changes is like a walk in the park, as long as you listen to your body and enjoy the journey toward becoming a better you.

Your Trainer, Rush

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