How I eat carbs to lose weight

The brain fart that women (and men) have when they make the decision to lose weight is: Right, I need to stop eating carbohydrates. Where did they get this information from, in the 90’s? Where supermodels said if they’re eating bread they might as well sit on it. I could be incorrect but I think that was Cindy Crawford. Speed up to 2014 where Professor Tim Noakes decided to change his scripture and decide carbohydrate is the devil. No offense to men but there are very few men (more like none) I trust when it comes to women’s bodies. I don’t care who you are and what you’ve achieved in your life. Grow a set of tits and cart around manipulative ovaries and then perhaps we could talk. Let’s say we set the X chromosome aside. Do the preachers of a “no carbohydrate” even lift? Hmmmm didn’t think so. Cutting out an entire food group seems right out ridiculous and it blows my mind that some people lap up this scripture. Most of the times I don’t even think they know what they’re talking about. How do you even know what to feed your body if someone else is telling you what to eat? You lose all intuition as to what is good for YOU. What foods work for YOU and what foods do not.

If you cut out an entire food group from diet, yes you will lose weight DUH, but you are denying your body it’s right to eat a balanced variety of foods. A balanced well rounded diet is a diet of health and yes most certainly a diet of fat loss (and more importantly muscle gain). I’m not even talking about bulking here.

When people think carbohydrate they think pasta (in cream sauce), pizza, white toast, fried chips, mash potatoes and donuts. This in my opinion is a crisis. There are two things alarmingly incorrect with this 1: they are ALL processed foods ie. Man made. Not Wholefoods. 2: it’s how our moms and dads and their moms and dads prepared and fed us food. It’s a situation of being comfortable with eating stuff disguised as food. To some point I will be dramatic and call it poison. It’s not their fault, please don’t call up your mum and say Rushtush says it’s your fault I can’t stop eating fried chips. Please, that’s bad for business.

I understand some people have allergic reactions and intolerances when it comes to certain foods, but if I ate a massive ciabbata roll, bagel, slice of cake or a massive creamy pasta, my stomach would be in a riot too! It’s obvious science. The culprits are sitting on the table before we even get served our main: table bread. I’ve sat at tables where this girl rambled on and on about gluten free and her supposed intolerance. As she helped herself to a second piece of table bread. My theory was confirmed that people either 1) don’t have anything to talk about. Because being gluten free is trendy? I dunno? 2) Lost the ability to listen to their bodies completely. 3) Deny themselves carbohydrates which cause a hormone imbalance. Start making very poor emotional decisions with food and end up hating themselves afterward.

I eat carbohydrates every day. It’s part of 70% of my diet, on hectic training days, I’ll consume more. I eat the correct carbohydrates. I don’t eat fake foods and I don’t take something from the ground and turn it into something it is not. Very very rarely. I eat 5-6 meals per day and on and ideal day I get to workout twice per day. Managing my online business and my own studio, while being a wife, a sister and a friend is difficult to do without my trusty friend carbohydrates. Carbohydrates make it possible for me to achieve the results I want: In one week I was able to add 1kg of muscle and lose 1kg of fat.

Even if you don’t lift. Don’t be afraid to eat a carb. Be balanced, eat Wholefoods and listen to your body. Take back your personal power.

Love Rushtush

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