Morning Sickness /
ALL Day Sickness

Feeling nauseous or just “ill” like I used to call it, at any time of the day during your first trimester is completely normal for expecting moms. Yes some women don’t experience it and some women get hospitalized for being unable to keep anything down at all. It’s been said that the cause could be high levels of the pregnancy hormone, human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) in the first few weeks of pregnancy.

Rush Emergency Food
The ONE meal I ate that traumatised my husband, to this day.

My personal experience was after 5 weeks and lasted up until 10 weeks. I didn’t throw up once (Alhamdulilah), but I felt like I was thrown into a tumble dryer when I wasn’t feeling like a group of people were beating me up in a corner I couldn’t escape from. Many women experience it in the morning mostly. I never did because I always made sure I ate as soon as I woke up and I started moving immediately. Out the door and off to workout. I had weeks of Night Sickness… starting around late afternoon and all the way until I went to bed. It was aggravated by me not having snacks. I had to eat something almost every 90minutes. This was something so difficult for me to manage. I wasn’t used to eating such a variety of food groups so often. I had to stock up on extra food; fruit, crackers, smooth cottage cheese and mini yoghurts. Carbohydrates and fast carbs (sweet fruits, gummies, dried fruit, biscuits and sweetened yoghurt), settled my illness immediately. I also owe it big time to the manufacturers of LAYS crisps for helping through some dark times. Legit lifeline packets of anti pregnancy sickness.


Rushtips on Combating Nausea

• Eat often. Eat before you start to feel sick.
• Ensure you have plenty of healthy snacks available and on the go.
• Drink plenty of water, the first few weeks can slow down digestion because the growing fetus is taking all your nutrients. Many women suffer from constipation.
• Still try to follow a balanced diet, seek protein from protein sources you CAN stomach, eat your greens. I went off chicken fillet, but I could still enjoy my egg whites.
• Take note of bodily reactions and inflammation reactions like diarrhea, cramps and gas, when it comes to the type of foods and drinks you have been ingesting. Some things you could have eaten before might not agree with you for now. Your body will always give you signs. Listen.
• Ginger tea, ginger shots, fresh ginger, ginger beer has been said to ease with nausea and stomach upsets. Try peppermint tea too to assist with a troubled tummy.
• EXERCISE, walking, stretching, dancing, cardio, weight lifting ALL assisted me when I felt my most ill. Circulation on its own, helps with metabolizing stuck energy – mentally and also physically. I would step on the elliptical for only 20 minutes
before evening clients because moving was the only thing distracting my body from the hormones. Even if it was my second session. I’m not talking about HARD training here; I’m talking about slow surviving.
• Ultimately listen to your body, instinctively – you know what’s best.

Even though I was learning about new coping mechanisms. The person who learnt the most was my husband. Bless him. I tell him to this day to write a book about his trauma regarding the things I needed to eat to FEEL BETTER. The common pregnant food group: HOT CHIPS. It brought me peace and tears at the same time. This is not Rushtush. I had a few nervous breakdowns, two to be exact. Lol. I wondered is this how moms let themselves go? Is this my turning point to darkness? Lol. This was also not the woman my husband married. He was very confused. I was just trying to feel better. And so I did. Eventually my hormones settled and I had control over the types of food I could eat and my usual healthy cravings returned. Sometimes when you’re going through something unfamiliar, you wonder – is this me? Is this the new me? Is this life now? I asked myself all these questions in between naps and Mc Donald’s meals. There is always light at the end of the tunnel. Nothing lasts forever and this too shall pass.

Yours in bump health
Rush xoxo

Qualified Personal Trainer and Ladies Only Trainer

  1. Thank you for this….this is my second pregnancy and its so much harder than my first. Nausea lasts all day which i never experienced with my first child. Just like u all I want are chiprolls, macdonalds and hawaian pizzas. I cannot drink water as it makes me feel more nauseas….😭. Im about 9 weeks now and praying it will go better in my second trimester. My poor husband hasnt had a proper cooked meal from me as I cannot stand the thought of touching raw chicken or meat…. Pregnancy aint for sussies!😒

  2. Amina Hargey

    Haha I chuckled through this because he truth in it all.. we often are controlled by hormones during phases in pregnancy.. thanks for being so blatantly honest about it all! 🙂 poor husband and that Vienna chops parcel .. scarred for life lol!

  3. Thuwayba

    Salaam , love this blog and I find it so relatable. Even though I am only eight weeks pregnant and this being my sixth time Alghamdulielaa. I was amazed ( I know I shouldn’t be) at how similar I was feeling. I also found comfort in McDonald’s especially cheeseburgers. Which is weird because I don’t eat red meat. I didn’t want to see or smell chicken fillets and eggs which is a house staple.
    The whole day nauseousness is something I haven’t experienced before and it’s terrible.

    So I just wanted to say Shukran for posting this. It really helped me through a tough week of nausea and just laying in bed.

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