Motion Sense Tech

Shield Motion Sense

My life is basically a series of movements, followed by a series of more intense movements, ie. motions on REPEAT. So wasn’t I pleased when Shield launched the first in the world Motion Sense technology? Obviously I was going to put it through the test…



I was a bit skeptical about the liquid roll on because I love a cream deo… But it dried quickly, was very easy to use, if your hands are tied up carrying or lifting things you can actually apply the product with one arm, (which looks ridiculous), but is helpful. lol. The smell is a bit florally for me, but it became more subtle as the day progressed. It left me dry and fresh all day, throughout a 2hr workout, running around and doing errands. I also loved that I didn’t have that creamy residue I usually get from cream deos.

I would recommend it and I would def buy it again!

The aerosol spray is perfect for touch ups after a long day and it really made me feel confident after work, even though I wasn’t suffering from body odour. I was happy to head on out to meet up with a friend without making a detour home for a quick shower. As a personal trainer and working with clients you learn how to take several showers per day! So this really saved me.

I would def keep a can for touch ups in my car 🙂

You can purchase Shield motion Sense at Clicks for under R30!

Happy staying fresh and confident!

Your Trainer, Rushda xoxo

Photography by Shezan Waggie