My Training Philosophy

My training philosophy

I believe that anyone can tell a person to pick up a weight.Honestly I’ve seen so many qualified people being monkeys in their trade. Anyone can “beast” another and tell them what to do. Once I got message from a gym fiend saying “Oh, I’d love to just have one session with you and end your life.” I thought to myself, this guy is missing the point completely. Personal training is about building trust, taking a persons hand and guiding them, showing them that they can do the unimaginable with their bodies. You as the personal trainer holds another persons body, their most valuable asset in your hands, it’s up to us to show you the true athlete you can become. That being said, these are no incubator sessions I conduct with my clients, yes everyone wants to have fun, functional, radical, next level training – everyone wants to be hardcore – its 2014 after all and with training style trends like Crossfit everyone is going for there heaviest, their fastest and PBs. But nobody knows the hours of nurturing, coaching, ground work, dedication and sweat those athletes endure.

This is where the fundamentals come in.My training philosophy can’t stress how important it is for people to be moving correctly. What’s the point of moving if your movement patterns are wrong? Yes you are guaranteed to lose weight with plenty of cardio but what about your base conditioning? Can you manage and move your body weight efficiently?

So what happens after you have lost the “weight”? So now you are adding on large quantities of lean muscle, you want boulders for shoulders but you cant shoulder press the weight you need too because of a poor rotator cuff and weak core stabilisation. Perhaps you want to move faster with better intent and power? You don’t just gain speed without doing the correct speed and rehab work. This is where I come in as a PT to help you build a solid foundation so that you can go from strength to strength and reach your personal goals in the process whatever they may be…

Your trainer, Rush

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