I thought I was fit…


About Project:

Nadia’s Physique Makeover in just 4 months!!! 

“I always considered myself fit because iam a dancer and blah gym is for dummies. So when I enrolled with Glow RushTush, I was curious as I saw so many of my friends transforming.

Firstly, I learned that I was not as fit as I thought I was, crawling like a baby again was a nightmare on my knees and hands backwards and forwards. Then came the 9flights of stairs with a boxing bag on my shoulders. I challenged my body in many ways as if I was a child doing all sorts of gymnastics. Its been 4months and I can see all the results, no more scales but dropping centimetres.

Thanks Ms Rush Tush for transforming my Tush into a tight one and to all my friends this is the best kept secret Tracy Anderson haven’t seen! This was a 4month process without dieting!” 


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