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“Ok, so writing this is like baring my soul a bit, but I’m finally at a point where I am happy to do it!

I joined Rushda and the Glow team in January 2014 due to a number of reasons, the main one being that I needed to kick my ass back into shape and into the land of the living! I was still feeling a bit low from my divorce earlier in 2013 and the sudden shock of being a single mum back in CT after 5 years of living in Jhb, and this meant comfort eating in the extreme. I was at my heaviest – felt like a tellytubby rolling around!

So in the first week of Jan 2014 I met Rushda for my first consultation and we put together a list of goals to reach by mid-year. And let me tell you, with her expert training, guidance, and investment in my progress and overall well-being (it’s not just about training with Rushda, it’s about being the best version of YOU!) I’ve managed to meet and surpass all of those goals! I’ve lost weight and gained muscle. I was the girl that couldn’t run for 100m without stopping and now I’m able to do a beautiful 10km. I can hypothetically kettlebell swing my 2.5 year old daughter that says “Mum you going to Rushtush?” (haven’t tried it, but she’s lighter than the 12kg we swing). My health has improved, my mindset has gone from strength to strength, and the change in my body speaks for itself!!! Over and above that I’ve met and made friends with some wonderful Glow-girls, all super inspiring and beautiful inside and out, and I’ve fallen in love with my city all over again!

I’ve had friends tell me Rush should be paying me royalties, but I can honestly say I do this testimonial out of my own experience and with the greatest thanks to the best PT ever!
Time is great healer, but only if you make an effort and invest it in yourself, your well-being, health and wellness, and Rushda can help you do that with ease!!
At the very end of the day, we each have to be our own champion!!!
Here’s to bigger and better goals!!”




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