Sports Bras and their importance

I am not one for lingerie but when it comes down to the essentials nothing can break my union with my seamless g-strings and my sports bras! I am not fancy when it comes to my undergarments possibly due to spending too much time aggressively moving and working with my body, on my body, for other women’s bodies, you end up preferring less on your body, because you have so much more going on. Well that’s my theory anyway. Being a less is more kind of gal, sports bras make the cut on the list along with toothpaste and sunscreen. Sports bras are not only essential for your fitness fiend but for every modern Cavewoman.


Today I popped into a lingerie store and marched past all that unnecessary lace, straight to the sports bra section, where a Modern Cavewoman was undecided on a bra, and whispered to me while I was browsing; “they’re so expensive” and I replied; “I know, but babe you neeeedd it. Seriously.” I met her at the till again later, I had 4 sports bras and she only had one. (It was a SALE, in my defense) but I understood the importance of the sports bra, and Cavewoman Jane didn’t. (Yes, I’m aware not every women trains every single day and budget cuts etc. I’m being dramatic by demonstrating the best decisions both individuals made at the time, based on the knowledge, information and resources that they had.)

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I thought to myself, women out there need to know The Importance of Sports Bras!!


Sports bras are designed and constructed using technical fabrics that remove sweat from your skin, keep you dry and help prevent any uncomfortable chafing.

What the Glow Girls say?

I have women on the daily dropping cup sizes and I have ladies always asking me. “Rush, how do I lift my boobs?” and angry slimmer women yelling: “I lost my boobs to fitness!”  

bigger boobs!!  

What are The Reasons for Changes in Breast Size?

There will always be changes in breast size due to hormones, certain times of the month and weight fluctuations. Whatever the size of your breasts, they can still be preserved and the breast ligament can be protected. When I began my fitness journey I haven’t ever lifted a weight apart from my hairdryer, my fitness routine consisted of a lot of running and heated yoga. My DDs dropped to a sad full B. Until I started lifting weights and performing the correct exercises I was able to restore the quality of my breast tissue. I have some female clients who have reported the same miracle. Over the years, depending on my running routine my cup size changes but the quality of the skin and tissue remain firm. I attribute this not only to weight lifting but also to a great sports bra! Why would you run a race in heels? Or do burpees in your Victoria’s Secrets?



Research shows that breast movement is reduced by only 38%** when wearing an ordinary bra but a Shock Absorber sports bra reduces breast bounce by as much as 78%*** so is twice as effective as a normal bra.

Bra Science

Contrary to what you may think, there are no muscles IN the breast – only the skin, adipose tissue and delicate Cooper’s Ligaments that support the breast tissue. Once the ligaments have been stretched beyond their limit, as a result of breast movement during exercise, no amount of toning exercises can restore them. Unsupported breasts during exercise can have two key negative impacts
1)    Breast pain
2)    Irreversible breast sag
Regardless of size all active women need to wear a sports bra as unsupported breast movement can be as much as 4cm in A cups and up to 14cm in G cups.


Bra Advice

• Always try the bra on!
• Perform a Jump Test jump up and down in the bra, if there is to much bounce try a smaller size for more support. I do a lil run on the spot  just to be sure.
• Check that your chest band is level in the front and the back.
• Take deep breaths to check that the bra is still in place.

I hope this helped all you beautiful women to think about the choice of bra when you’re prepping for that gym session or run. Health and wellbeing before aesthetics and weight loss, always.


You can tone and strengthen the muscles in your chest and upper body by performing simple body weight exercises. One of the reasons I designed Bodyweight Series, to help women improve weak areas. You can purchase the Workout specifically for your Upper Body! Also if you haven’t signed up on my website, be sure to do so to stay in the loop with my upcoming Newbie Body Glow Guide to be released soon 🙂

love your trainer, Rush xoxo

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  1. Thank you for the great advice.. I am a newbie at the whole gyming regime and im sporting DD’s.. definitely needing more sports bras..

    Thanks against Rushtush

  2. Awesome Article! Well written and researched. I would love to meet with you when I am in Cape Town.

  3. Great article thanks!

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