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There is ALWAYS a DIET
in Summer Prep!
Overcoming your demons.

Heaven knows what’s deep down in my heart. A type of contentment that comes from living my best life, well almost. I’d be lying if I said I didn’t want to be better, achieve more, be less selfless and need fewer things. Part of being me, whether I like it or not, is looking like me. Often I never come right out and say; “I am personal trainer,” When someone does eventually expose me, or when a stranger asks; “so what do you do?” and I answer, the very first thing the person’s reaction is: STARES ME UP AND DOWN, followed with a: “Oh.” Lol. It is what it is. I am so passionate at what I do. But sometimes the journey of self-discovery is paved with more than coveting a hotter bod. You need to understand why you are doing what you do, what difference in this world are you going to make? What lives are you looking to change? Often you will discover the journey of self-love is an UNCONDITIONAL love. So while helping so many other women reach their goals, my aesthetic goals aren’t as important anymore. That’s totally ok. Beside, the more of me, the more too love. Lol. Remember you can be fat and fit and strong. Being lean and ripped is not necessarily healthy and fit. That’s depletion. And another blog post entirely…

Everyone always asks what diet are you on now? As if to say I’m always on a diet. I’m not always on a diet. I like to eat whatever I want. Most of the time I like healthy nutritious foods and lots of it. There are some things I will never want to eat. But I do enjoy a good time and I crave sweet things. Often people think eating healthy is dieting. Its not. But for most, little changes will make the biggest difference. And for me the smallest things will have the biggest impact on my physique. Regardless of all the time spent lifting weights and doing cardio.

Finally I am ready to diet again. Really diet again. I’m talking about eating every two hours, counting almonds, carrying around Tupperware and removing yolks from my eggs. I never understood most of this when I was a newbie. When I say “this” im talking about the resistance to let go of bad habits thinking certain types of food was essential. There were foods (poison), “needed” to provide comfort, drinks and snacks that provided calm and other man made “food” that fixed a list of temporary problems. Only to create bigger problems years later…

I just wasn’t ready to let go of my strong emotional connection with food. Mentally you have to switch your entire thinking around. You literally have to alter your personality if you have to. The goal, my goal is to be happy and content with my diet. Every bite, morsel and piece is a gift from God, blessing you and your body. You should be so lucky to have this opportunity to diet. Some people feel sad, deprived and restricted and others make people who diet feel bad about dieting. How warped is modern society?

Today I completed my second day. Its 21:00 and I’m yet to eat my last meal. I’m not going into too much detail about my diet as its specific to my goals and my activity level. I also refuse to take responsibility for anyone who might follow suit. Another downfall of revealing too much of one’s personal dietary intake is, that for every 1 junk food eater there are 3 experts on nutrition. People will pass comments, criticise and put their nose in your business. They will go to great lengths to school you and sabotage your efforts. Most times, it’s not what you’re doing that is incorrect but the misguided uneducated decisions you’ve made based on what you’ve heard around the water cooler. Soon you wont know what to eat anymore and you’ve forgotten how to listen to your body. Giving up is easy when you’re confused.   Make sure to keep people around who have your best interest at heart, sometimes they are few and far in between and most times I often find myself standing alone, and that’s ok too. People don’t need to hold your hand through every transition in your life. You don’t need peer validation or even support. People are not comfortable with other people who decide to step up and work harder than others are prepared too. It makes them feel uncomfortable, its easy to even hold the people you love back because you’re afraid of how much more magnificent they can become. Am I still talking about fat loss here? Yes. Because body fat is the protection we use to comfort us from our most stellar versions of ourselves. What kind of person will you be if you had your dream body? Will your friends still like you? Will your partner not find you too intimidating? Men will find me too muscular? Will your career be catapulted? Ask yourself some of these questions before you ask yourself what’s for dinner? You know what’s for dinner. The same thing you ate last night, exactly what’s on your diet plan. Don’t be that person who gives up on a diet plan because it’s not working. It’s you that’s not putting the work in. Don’t be so quick to hop onto the next diet fad so and so is on. Stick to the plan, believe in something greater than yourself and finish your prep. One phase of a journey runs into the next. You can only level up if you’ve completed phase one. There are no shortcuts, only cul de sacs and roundabouts in fitness and fat loss. Don’t let summer days pass you by because you were too afraid to make a change, whether bikinis are for you or not. Unconditional self-love is a feeling. A feeling all women should own!!

Yours in health and fitness, Rush xxx

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SUMMER PREP With Rushtush

Below are different option packages to help you get on your way with your BEST Summer Body ever!!! Summer Prep happens in stages, so does your diet, exercise and cardio frequency. The Summer Prep outline runs from totally beginners to maintaining that Summer Goddess Body.

1) Weightloss 4 Week Plan, DIY (Home Training Glow Guide) + 4 Week Diet Plan. Price R750 (once off).
2) Weightloss 4 Week Kickstart Plan, Personal Training (8 x 60minute Glow Sessions) + 4 Week Diet. Price R1450 (once off).
3) Weightloss + Toning 8 Week Newbie Body, DIY (Home Training Glow Guide) + 0-4 + 5-8 Diet Plans. Price R1400 (once off).
4) Weightloss + Toning 8 Week, Personal Training (16 x 60minute Glow Sessions) + 0-4 + 5-8 Diet Plans. Price R2800.
5) Goddess Body 12 Week Plan, Personal Training ONLY (24 x 60minute Glow Sessions) + 0-4 + 5-8 + 9-12 Diet Plans. Includes Cardio Program. Price R4150.
6) Goddess Body Maintenance TOP UP. (ONLY FOR CLIENTS WHO COMPLETED Goddess Body 12 Week Plan). INCLUDES EXTRA Two Extra Workouts, Cardio Step Up Workouts. Price R350. (once off)

All Prep Programs come with Daily Online Coaching via email and Whatsapp/ Replies and live chat during Coaching Times: 14:00-16:00 Monday – Saturday ONLY.

Summer Prep Programs 3 & 4 can be paid monthly, depending on the duration of your program. All payments are to be made upfront.

Email me on to book and order your program!!!

  1. Do all your packages require training sessions with you. I have 3 gym sessions a week can I include one of your eating options with that and how much will it cost me. Regards and slms

  2. Hi Rushda

    I’ve been seeing your clips on T.V going on your website etc. .. and now finally have the confidence to send you this email.

    I’ve been a gym finatic since the age of 19 and now at the age of 35 I have 2 beautiful children a 2 year old and a 9 month old.

    I’ve put on so much weight after being pregnant, before my pregnancies I was 60kgs and probably gained about 35kg.Im 1.72 tall.

    I started running & eating correctly and only lost 5 kg.

    I know it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take time to loose all this weight, but need more motivation and help!

    And I think you the person that can help.Please ad me on WhatsApp 0814078345


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