Thank You!!

A quick Thank You!

and an urge for you to do something NEW…

take a chance

When was the last time you did something for the first time?

For the last couple of years I’ve been everything but bored.

I’ve been out of breath, in ice baths, at the top of the mountain, on the eclipse of the hill, stuck in a wheelchair, on crutches, fit, fitter than life, unfit, fired, rehired, penniless, a new business owner, skinny, skinny fat, thick, buff, just fat lol, forever learning never knowing everything and always on the edge of my evolving seat. Sometimes by my will and most times by the universe,thank you 🙂

Sometimes I got flung into a better situation and got lead into a positive direction and every time I’ve never looked back, never hesitated and never hung on. Letting go has been my favorite exercise of 2014.


The unknown keeps me so excited and some mornings I wake up wondering what’s going to happen today. What will I learn today? Who will I meet and who will walk out my life, having taken what they need to move on… I’ve learnt patience, compassion, spirituality, I’ve been nurtured, schooled and coached by people in and out of my life and even just for the day.

From moment to moment, always observing watching learning people, especially in this insane and fickle industry of health and fitness. Just when I’ve thought I’ve seen it all I see some more. Lol. Some things can never be unseen, (sadly). And some moments and people will hopefully never be forgotten.

I love being a one woman wolf pack and I cannot wait to start something new and learn something new about myself. And most importantly help you learn something new about yourself.


From session to session I see my clients grow, mature in health and well being and never in my whole life did I ever think anyone would take my lead and trust me with their bodies. How can probably over 100 women be wrong? In my short time in this industry. After all women are always right, right? Everything else is left. The other left. (Private joke)

A big thank you all for being part of my journey. Also to the girls I haven’t yet trained. You’ve made it memorable. Here’s to you all and something new…

Love Your Trainer, Rush

Tickets still available for my GOAL SETTING ACTION PLANNING WORKSHOP on the 7th Feb More details and to buy tickets Tickets cost R100

Thank You to all the special people that have helped me

Faheem Chippendale (Web Developer, Trouble Shooting, SEO, The Works!!)
Contact him:

Fayros Jaffer (Life In Pictures Photographer & Creative Muse)
Contact him:

Suzanne Zacharia (Life Coach, Alternative Healer & EFT Therapist)
Contact her:


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