The truth about fat burners

What is a fat burner, should I be taking it?

This is a common question and one that one of my clients asked me in the week. A fat burner is an over the counter drug that claims to burn calories by increasing the body’s metabolism. Some fat burners are designed to suppress your appetite, give you the energy you need to perform intense workouts, raise your core temperature and assist the body to utilize fat stores. But this means nothing if your diet is poor.

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Fat burning foods

My experience with Thermogenics

Yes I have used fat burners before, I wouldn’t say I was addictive to taking them but it gave me the energy I needed to get through all my workouts and hectic schedule. It definitely had a thermogenic affect on my body’s core temperature I would find myself sweating without even trying. Not that I didn’t spend most of my time sweating anyway. Lol. This is a sign, in my experience of expelling water weight. Which is great maybe for that lean look but not in the long run when you’re trying to manage your water retention. When I stopped taking my fat burner I was swollen for 10 days, slept for 4 days in a row and couldn’t train at my full potential for 2 weeks. I reckon its not worth it.

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What is the fat loss answer?

Fat Burners aren’t forever and they aren’t for right now either. Taking a weight loss supplement is not the answer for weight loss. My first recommendation is to take a look at your diet. Not revolutionary stuff I know, but if you’ve been trying to lose weight and nothing is happening, you better be taking out a pen and paper because this is scripture. Every single thing that passes your lips affects the state of your body. If your diet isn’t close to 100% of what you should be eating then popping a fat burner is destructive. You might as well drink 10 espressos per day, over train, under eat, lose out on sleep and as a result hold onto fat. Over loading your nervous system can lead to fatigue, problems with recovering from your workout and slumps of depression.

Lies society teach us
Lies society teach us

You’re burning muscle if you lose weight quickly

If you’re already losing weight and want to drop fat quicker popping a fat burner or not, you’re most likely losing lean muscle mass. Unless of course you want to look like shapeless coat hanger instead of curvy, toned goddess, you need to rethink your fat loss strategy. A healthy fat loss is 500g per week, anything more is not sustainable and you’ll reach burn out or plateau.

Don’t cut too many calories

My best advice for fat loss is not to cut your calories drastically. I’m sick of hearing about this 1200 calorie diet every women is on. You should be shaving off as little as possible from your maintenance caloric level, consistently sticking to the plan eating a varied diet of protein, slow digesting carbs, healthy fats and lots of fresh whole foods. This way you are able to keep your metabolism revving, the natural way, losing weight slowly. This approach allows you to hold onto your muscle nicely while burning fat. It is probably also a good idea to give your body a break from all the stimulants.

be healthy, add muscle :)
Be healthy, add muscle 🙂

It’s just advertising

Always be skeptical of the information you read regarding supplements. Most “education” type articles are actually adverts for the products or sponsored by the companies who produce these drugs. They will sell you what you want to hear and never highlight the side effects of the drugs and the long-term effect it has on the adrenals and body.

There you have it folks, eat healthily, train consistently, track your progress and you will see results!!

Need help with your eating plan?

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Love, your trainer

  1. Hi Rush

    You mention water retention in this post, how does one reduce water retention?

    I love this post, as I have been thinking about taking a supplement to boost my weight loss but now I think I will give it a miss.
    Thanks for the valuable information!

    • water retention around period is completely normal I add 2kg every month, only to lose it again. before your menses eat slightly more carbs to prevent bloating on your period, drink lots of wtaer on your period. drink green tea, buchu tea, cucumber water and suck on lemons IF this water weight bugs you, also a ht bath, sauna and a massage will relief some bloated stress. avoid high sugar and carbohydrate mixed foods as you will bloat more. Avoid the camera lol!!!

  2. Thanks for the tips Rush!

  3. Leila byrne

    Very insightful

  4. Thanks Rush!
    I always enjoy reading your blog posts, especially since you talk about what you’ve been through yourself on your fitness journey. Keep em coming!

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