7th October HEAT 1 and 4th November HEAT 2 2019

Use targeted weight and cardio training to lift, tone and tighten your tush. You’ll also be able to slim and tone your thighs and create an illusion of a tiny waist.

This challenge was designed for my strong babes who want  something more targeted and aesthetic for their bodies. Its for you, the girl who has already been training consistently. You might not even consider yourself fit, but trust me you will, after completing the demanding Tush Sculpt. Your glutes and legs are your biggest muscle groups, training them in every session will ensure your fitness level and strength will shoot through the roof. Be prepared to not only gain the perfect peach but to also acquire fitness levels of a Goddess. Tush Sculpt will focus on building and sculpting your glutes and entire lower body. It will strengthen your lower back end entire trunk even further. You cannot target your lower body and expect to go in with a weak core and lower back “trunk” its so very important to ensure you’re at the correct fitness level for this. Having a strong lower body enables you as a female to carry your weight with ease, it prepares you for pregnancy (if thats was you wish for yourself ), it also alleviates back pain if you have large breasts.

You need at least 3 months of consistent weight and cardio training before embarking on the Tush Sculpt. Even if you’ve been training for years, Tush Sculpt will elevate your booty to stellar levels. It will never date and will be a timeless glute and leg (Lower Body) targeted program.


  1. To have a strong, refined, physically able, lifted and sexy bottom. Perky, round and perfect for you! Tush Sculpt is not about growing and building an unnatural unrealistic bottom. Your tush will be within proportions to your body.
  2. To streamline your legs, thighs and hamstrings by adding muscle and melting away fat. The goal is to have a more elongated toned set of legs as opposed to just having strong legs that can appear heavier and wider. This is the aesthetic of Tush Sculpt.
  3. Increase fitness and explosive power. This directly translates to speed and assists with being a stronger runner.
  4. Although weight loss isn’t the main goal here, you will lose weight following the Tush Sculpt Challenge.


  1. Your fitness level needs to be moderate to advanced. 
  2. Your health needs to be an 8/10. 
  3. You need to have access to a gym / home gym with equipment. Medicine Ball (3 or 5kg), a Swiss Ball (pilates ball), a skipping rope, a treadmill, kettlebells (5, 7 or 8, 10 or 12kg), a set of dumbbells (4 or 5kg), a bag (10 or 15kg), a bench or chair or steps.
  4. You need to be on an eating plan. If you’re following your own thats fine too. As long as you are on a structured, well balanced, high protein plan, I’m happy. However, all contestants will receive one of my diets with this challenge. It will be at a discounted rate exclusive to Tush Sculpt Challengers. Its upon your request which diet you wish as part of your package; Winter Glow, Glow Cleanse, Momma Glow, Naked Glow. Please stipulate upon purchase
  5. Already have ALL my Glow Diets? No problem you can join the Tush Sculpt minus the Glow Diet Fee.
  6. Once you’ve made pop email it to Rushda on info@rushtush.co.za along with the Glow Diet you are going ahead with. You will be added to the final list and will receive your Training Program and Diet, during the week before the challenge. Giving you enough time to prepare. 
  7. You can participate anywhere in the world. You don’t have to be in Cape Town.
  8. You will have to create an Instagram account to follow the private Rushtushsculpt account to view the exercises.


All photographs are necessary to participate in the Tush Sculpt Challenge. Rushda will not post any photographs without the challengers consent on any social media. You have the right to disclose your identity or not. 

Rushda will require a full frontal, side and back photographs the Sunday before the challenge holding the weekend, Saturday or Sunday paper of that weekend. To be emailed on the Sunday. Along with starting weight.

You will do weekly progress picture collages, and a weekly weigh in to track results.


You will be expected to perform lower body sessions twice per week. The 12 x weight sessions will be a combination of weights and body weight. It is a style Rushda has developed over her 10 years of training herself and many women, specifically targeting your lower body. Sessions are 45-60 minutes long.

ALL Options do not include small group training with Rushda at GLOW. They are all DIY Options. If you wish to enquire about training with Rushda, email her directly for rates.


To achieve optimum results you have to do your prescribed cardio. You will be expected to perform cardio 3 per week. Cardio sessions are 45 – 60 minutes long. You will get given your cardio program.

TUSH SCULPT WHATSAPP GROUP: You will also need to send your contact number via email when you sign up so Rushda can add you to the support group!


R 900 Full Option

  • 6 week Glute and Leg Training Program (12 x Lower Body Sessions)
  • Private access to all exercises via Instagram account @rushtushscuplt
  • Cardio Program
  • Glow Diet of choice, (Momma Glow, Winter Glow, Glow Cleanse or Naked Glow)
  • Tush Sculpt WhatsApp Support Group (personal coaching with Rushda)
  • Strongest glute improvement transformation will win up to R3000 cash, judged over both HEATS.

R 700 No Diet Option

  • 6 week Glute and Leg Training Program (12 x Lower Body Sessions)
  • Private access to all exercises via Instagram account  @rushtushscuplt
  • Cardio Program
  • Tush Sculpt WhatsApp Support Group (personal coaching with Rushda)
  • Strongest glute improvement transformation will win up to R3000 cash and a FREE subscription to Rushtush fitness app in 2020, Push by Rushtush.


Make payment into the account below to secure your spot.

EMAIL the POP with your option of your Glow Diet choice.

EMAIL starting photograph and weight on the Sunday before the starting challenge.

No entrants fee is refundable or transferable.

Nedbank Cheq acc no 1046519972


Claremont Branch Code 104609

Reference (Name:Tush)


Excited to transform your tush! Lets Go!!

Love Rush xoxo