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“Lets have a toast for the douche bags, lets have a toast for the ass holes, lets have a toast for the scum bags, everyone of them I know” (Kanye West)

If someone had to ask me who I am and what do I do? My simplest answer is I am a Women’s Motivator. My passion, and I am beginning to accept it as a talent, is to encourage all women to be healthier, stronger, fitter and more confident versions of themselves. Just through my general way of living, everything I am about is to uplift women. I believe in them before they are ready to believe in themselves. Through women’s health I educate them about themselves. Apart from that, I am a personal trainer, I run workshops and special events, I do motivational talking at events, I design statement tees, I write eBooks (that empower women with knowledge to better their eating and bodies), I talk on a radio show, I generally provide information to women and I also collaborate with others in the industry in order to offer a comprehensive product from a collective of strengths.

Coming from a Design background with a Bachelors of Technology in Graphic Design: media, print and communication have always been my strong point. Growing up in the print industry meant I was always swooning over magazines, admiring the women on its covers… until I realized it was all just bullshit. Smoke and mirrors intertwined with so many lies, fed to girls becoming women, making them feel terrible about themselves, selling them products and solutions to problems they did not have in the first place, problems magazines told them they had. I walked away from the industry, feeling refreshed and lighter. I traded my poor posture for a much more confident one and have not bought a magazine in years!!! LOL Who reads print anyway, when you have Twitter? This takes me onto the next part of my story.

One of my gorgeous followers tweeted me something interesting. If she had not, you would not be reading this story. So listen up. @fatima_saib wrote: “Hey @Rushtush you totally need to be in the @WomenshealthSA magazine! I cannot think of a better local fitness coach for women!” Her tweet got 5 stars, and a few replies. I thought what the heck! Let me get on this, so I followed Women’s Health SA, who was already following me. Below is the correspondence between us word for word on 26 May 2015. Excuse my Twitter DM shorthand.

“Hey team how do to get involved with your team for a feature or article perhaps even for your online magazine. The work I do for women in
in the health and fitness industry is vast you may stalk my FB profile business page Instagram and even snapchat I also have YouTube videos
Have published ebooks workout guides, I have a slot on GoodHope FM every Monday chatting about women’s fitness. I dream of being on your cover (insert HEART) wild dream alert. Thank you. Rushda”
“Hi we follow you already. To be honest your values and mission statement and ours are very different, so it’s not the best fit. Good luck!”
“How are my values and my mission statement different to yours?”
“Hey it looks like you are inspiring your community and have a great following which is great – keep it up!”
“We just have to be very careful with what we put out there. If you would like to take it up with the ed please mail us whonline@media24.com”
“My community?” As in females or do you mean women of colour / black women / Muslim women? Bc I inspire ALL women… I will indeed.
“Hey okay chatted to our editor and she is keen to chat to you. What’s your email address?”
“Yes sure I am very interested in chatting to her and perhaps clear up what has been insinuated. The email address is info@rushtush.co.za”
“Hey sorry I did not mean to insult you at all! I think it came across the wrong way. Anyway I will get her to mail you now ;)”
“I am not insulted at all in fact proud of what I do which is female empowerment. I look forward to her email.”

Totally confused with her response because my business is based on women’s health. Women’s Health magazine is also based on women’s health too, right? I understand that not everyone is going to love you and I am totally cool with that. I also understand that it is their prerogative to feature, interview or mention whomever they wish. But what confuses me is that I inspire my community, which the responder then thought I was later insulted about. Nothing can make me more proud than helping my community, and yes I have many women of colour in my studio, but I also serve the full spectrum of the rainbow, who are influenced by me and who influence my business and product in return.

I had no idea that Women’s Health was exclusive to certain communities only? Does this mean women of colour aren’t concerned with their health? Does it mean only certain communities read fitness magazines? Does it mean colourful people don’t need role models? Does it mean I’m too real, talking about actual fitness and exercise? Maybe I’m too honest and raw, and honestly that would have been the best response from them. I respect myself too much to “take it up with their editor” for a quota response or apologetic feature. Telling me that there is no fit for me in a broad spectrum of local SA health is outrageous. I have not heard from the editor and honestly I no longer want to be involved with their publication or brand. Women’s Health SA, a brand that divides women into “communities”, when all women are so alike and yet so magnificently different. A brand that keeps local women wishing that someone more relevant, close to home who would step up and become welcomed. Sadly it is not going to happen. South Africa will continue to look toward the US for role models. And even the states have recognized the appreciation and need for colourful role models. Rihanna became the first black woman to become the official face of Dior, a 69-year-old fashion house.

Some magazines might only have a mission statement and values that are cover deep. Do not be fooled by Kerry Washington (my bae), Zoe Saldana and Paula Patton to name a few who grace covers. It seems you can judge a book by its cover. For as long as I have been shining my light I have never looked to beauty or fitness magazines or any kind of media to give me an indication of what I should look like to be accepted or loved. Regardless of your skin colour or the “community” in which people box you in, never let it stop you from being fucking awesome. You are enough, just as you are and worthy of everything you desire! Whatever that desire may be!

Love Rush

No twitter birds were harmed in this article.


  1. Leilah Potter

    This is just fucking awesome! Many of these so-called “female publications” promote themselves as empowerment platforms, but all they do is reinforce the male-centric stereotypes and ideologies of what a woman “should” be. Like you say, “be awesome” and “be hectic”. xx


    I love the way you kept your composure through this ordeal! I was just wondering what the “women’s health” correspondent’s community is, if she could make a statement like: “You serving your community” ! She doesn’t sound very educated or well informed as to exactly what your mission is! ALL WOMEN HAVE WEIGHT and HEALTH ISSUES, regardless of race, ethnicity, creed or skin color or wherever in the world they might find themselves! Does she even realize that you serve ALL COMMUNITIES whoever wants to commit themselves to your training sessions and detox diet plan! You doing a damn good job! Don’t ever let anyone tell you otherwise! Let the negativity of some, be a positive motivation for u! If I were you, I would start my own online magazine and make it available worldwide covering every continent and available for ALL WOMEN EVERYWHERE ON THE GLOBE! I can testify to the fact that you are an amazing motivator, as a business owner being in contact with people of all nations, having joined your sessions on 15/1/2015 and by 15/5/2015, lost 10 kgs, which is 4 months-a record I never even knew was possible and the way you push the ladies to the limits and beyond, which Im sure some of them haven’t thought they could achieve! If women are just willing to listen to exactly what you tell them to do, they will have the best body they’ve ever had! I’m sure there are women of any community who would want to achieve health, fitness and recreating themselves in their personal and business capacity and feeling more self confident about themselves, like I did, if they just knew that a personal trainer such as yourself existed! Are you sure it’s not the cleaner answering you, by the sound of it! Not a very intelligent response! Your mission is women’s health, not sure what their mission is ” sex health” maybe?


    I just remembered that when I first considered wanting to lose weight, get fitter and healthier, I purchased a year’s subscription to Woman’s Health SA on my Ipad and because of my hectic business, sleeping hours, having to place my own ads, as well as still have a life. I hardly had time to read it! What did make a difference for me was getting out there and rather investing in you, Rushdah, a real intelligent, literate, successful, energetic, fit, attractive, well rounded, motivating, upbeat, cheerful woman, face to face putting us through our paces and pushing us to limits we didn’t even realize we were capable of! I am for ever grateful and will be forever grateful to you for what you did for me and for getting my life back because before I was just sleeping my life away, felt emotional, morbid, eating unhealthy foods, gained more and more weight, still grieving the loss of my bf who died on the 14/11/2012, sluggish, negative and didn’t have the zest for life, self control and self awareness, like I do now, as well as the strength and courage to face life again! I think this incident was a blessing in disguise and it made feel even more motivated about constantly promoting you, every chance I get! Hope u have a great weekend!

  4. Nazli Jacobs Basardien

    I would just like to say congratulations on all that you have achieved!!! You truly are the epitome of a strong,beautiful,successful, inspiring Women of color.
    I am so grateful for you sharing this with us, i have not had the honor of meeting you or attending one of your classes but i follow you through all your social media forums and you have definitely had an influence on me to better my lifestyle and myself ..
    You are an inspirational role model and even tho these small minded individuals may not appreciate you, know that we your “community ” does and we think you are amazing…

    Keep up the great work !!
    Stay Beautiful

  5. Hi Rushda.
    I agree with you 100%. Women empowerment is something that all of us women need to take responsibility for. Women are made to feel so insecure about everything and fail to see how beautiful and unique we all are. It’s really shocking how such a well-known magazine would turn down an offer from a fellow woman upliftment champion such us you. Whatever their true reason is for not collaborating with you, it is clearly not due to a difference in value, as your message from them states. Even if they ran the risk of you saying something “raw”, thats the kind of thing that magazines like to use, to get controversial sales. This seems personal.

    If anything, it only opened womens eyes to the closed mindedness of the magazine.

    Keep going and continue spreading the word of women upliftment. And you’re right… who reads print anyway?


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