Winter Glow Cleanse


The Winter Glow Cleanse is a detailed 4 week detox guide designed for you and your family, to assist with losing fat while preserving muscle during colder months. It is the sister Cleanse to my original Glow Cleanse, except it is built on heartier, more lean, comfort food. Expect to enjoy 4 more soups, including the famous ‘Hulk Soup’, as well as a healthy curry ‘Hot Chikka Masala,’ ‘Flex Frikkadels’ and ‘Skinny Hot Chocolate’. It is high in protein and vegetable meals and snacks. Look forward to enjoy fresh juices, plenty of greens, Glow Tarts and even Muscle Pancakes for breakfast! Its too good to be true! *not a single salad is needed to be enjoyed during winter*


Will I lose weight on the Winter Glow Cleanse even if I don’t exercise?

Yes, you will. Exercise will accelerate your results and weight lifting will sculpt your body.

Do I have to eat all the snacks?

No you do not. You may follow your intuition and eat when you are hungry. The WGC is a guideline, listen to your body.

I’m gluten and lactose intolerant, will the WGC work for me?

Both Glow Cleanses by Rushtush are gluten free and dairy free, with options to substitute. The WGC utilizes almond milk, although I don’t mind some fat free lactose free EasyGest milk from Parmalat. Avoid Soy Milk as it increases estrogen levels. Its also completely okay to omit milk altogether. The WGC also utilizes brown flour, which you can swop out with almond / spelt flour to make Roshin’s Rhotis.

Can I drink coffee and tea?

If you must. But also give your body a chance to detox, if you can.

Do I have to take all the supplements on the list?

No you do not have too. These are my suggestions and recommendations.

Is its safe for my whole family?

Yes, the recipes and menu is family friendly and safe for all ages.

What is the difference between the Glow Cleanse and the Winter Glow Cleanse?

They are both weight loss and detoxifying cleanses. The GC is more spring summer based with more salads and lighter meals. The WGC is a lot more comforting, with more warmer meals, when you’re feeling more fragile. I felt I needed to create a Glow Cleanse version that works for winter and colder months. Now you can Glow Cleanse seasonally, and toggle between two diets.


  • The WGC is an EBOOK. It is a digital product. The link to download your product is immediately available upon purchase in your ORDER RECEIPT. Simply click on the underlined link.
  • You WILL NOT receive a hard copy of the WGC.

Thank you for purchasing the Winter Glow Cleanse by Rushtush, I hope you enjoy a cozier more nutritious and leaner winter! Please don’t hesitate to share your results with me!

love Rush


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