“I‘ve been training with Rushda for over 2yrs and still going strong, it was the best decision I ever made for myself! The training is hard and very specialized for woman. Rushda is an AMAZING!!! Trainer. She loves what she does. She guides all her girls on their fitness journey. Having Rushda as well as her training in my life is a necessity. Glow is my happy place. I’m forever great full for to her, she helped me transform my life and body, some people don’t  even believe that I am a mommy.lol Huge Thank you to you for always accommodating me, and understanding my fitness and weight loss goals. And helping me ACTUALLY achieve most of them. Lots of love Mwah” 

Naailah Benjamin

“Even though I’m juggling three kids, school runs and all other million things stay at home moms do, I make getting a workout in my priority. No longer am I side lining myself to put everyone else’s needs above mine, I’ve made ME a priority too. And to be honest, I have you to thank for that. I may have only had a few weeks with you but you have impacted my life in a very profound way. You inspired me to care for myself, care about what I eat, how I live…and you made me yearn to get my GLOW back. I’d like to thank you from the deepest part of my soul for for being the person you are…for making women (especially moms like myself who have totally lost themselves) feel they can get their sexy back and feel good about who they are no matter if they have that 6pack yet or not. Your inspiration doesn’t just reside within the four walls of the GLOW gym…it goes wayyyy beyond that. Keep doing what you do Rush…may you and your business continue to flourish changing the world one woman at a time:) YOU ARE FREAKING AWESOME!!! With love all the way from The Mountain Kingdom Your client in spirit.”

Ashieka Johaadien Moosa

“When I started training at Glow in October 2014 I had given birth to my 3rd baby 5months before, I gained a “healthy” 21kg. Before being pregnant , I thought I was fit running 10k almost everyday. And had no idea what a kettle bell was… So walking into Rushdas class I wanted to run out! I had a love hate relationship with her lol. 4 months later I’m 48kg and not “skinny fat”, I am stronger, I could never do a push up, that was for “guys only”.. Now I’ve got my 5year old, 3 year old and 9 MONTH old doing squats, burpees and push ups! When i walk into glow I don’t want to leave. Ps. Even though we do endless flights of stairs with 15kg bags I still make my husband carry in all the shopping. Oh and it’s still a love/ hate relationship with my trainer. She always comes up with new ways to kick our asses!”

Zaytoon Karolia

“With my first consultation with Rushda she asked me what my goals were. For someone who lives mostly in my head, I stumbled something about toning, strengthening (things I think you’re supposed to say!) and mostly having fun through physical activity (this was my actual goal). One month in I’d reset my eating habits, could manage a trot on the promenade, had toned and lost a few kilograms. Three months in I am stronger than I’ve been in years, I’ve lost centimetres and 6,5 kilograms!! Moreover, I find that I am more energised and relish, rather than balk at, the idea of physical activity. Rushda’s approach is to meet you where you are but then she edges you a little further. As I write this, I can hear her saying “C’mon Miss S!!”. Her sessions are a space in which I’ve felt comfortable, challenged, motivated and coached. She knows her clients and responds to where each of us are situated: that’s hard to come by in group training sessions. I’d imagined that I’d get the physical goals checked off but what I hadn’t anticipated (or underestimated) was the positive spillover into other spheres of life. The work you do with and on yourself is lifelong; it helps to know that there’s a Rushtush that can help you achieve a glow!”

Miss S 

“I started training with Rushda in May 2013. After hearing about “RushTush” from so many who have trained with her I figured I have nothing to lose (besides the weight of course) LOL. I met Rushda for a consult and the next day was my 1st session (never to be forgotten) shy, scared and embarrassed I attended the class when I could hardly keep my own body weight up when attempting to do a push up, there & then I realised I had my work cut out for myself. After my 1st session I could hardly walk up stairs, going to the bathroom was a challenge because I needed someone to pull me back-up LOL Trying to walk without bending my knees that was the funniest ever. In the past 8 months Rushda has taught me so much, seeing my body change since when I started my fitness journey the sweat and every body part aching was so worth it! Attending my sessions and going for a jog after is a way of life now for me. With Rushda by my side (and not forgetting all the wonderful ladies @Glow who always encourage me to keep going) the sky is the limit and I’m reaching for the stars! From waking up @5am and jogging I’m actually surprised at myself sometimes. THANK YOU Rushda for your encouraging words and your watchful eyes (I swear she has eyes everywhere) and most of all Never allowing me to give up!! I can’t Thank You enough!! Marwah xxx “U amazing 4turning me in2a fitness freak LOL now wen I’m stressd or depressd I just Run it off…anyways slptyt   Your handwork and watchful eyes that misses NOTHING has paid off!!! THANKU Rush!!!”

Marwah Bazier

“Before starting at #Glow, I was under the severely ignorant opinion that weight training for women would inevitably result in a bulky male-like physique… Boy was I wrong! Through meticulous observation and specialized routines, Rushda has not only transformed my body but she also helped shape my mind, self-esteem and confidence. I am now a stronger and fitter version of my former self and although the work is never done, the progress I have seen In the last 7 months is mind-blowing! I have seen increased lean definition in every facet of my body, particularly in the #tush and #arms department, making both myself and my husband rather happy!”

Leilah Burnice Isaacs

“Ok, so writing this is like baring my soul a bit, but I’m finally at a point where I am happy to do it! I joined Rushda and the Glow team in January 2014 due to a number of reasons, the main one being that I needed to kick my ass back into shape and into the land of the living! I was still feeling a bit low from my divorce earlier in 2013 and the sudden shock of being a single mum back in CT after 5 years of living in Jhb, and this meant comfort eating in the extreme. I was at my heaviest – felt like a tellytubby rolling around! So in the first week of Jan 2014 I met Rushda for my first consultation and we put together a list of goals to reach by mid-year. And let me tell you, with her expert training, guidance, and investment in my progress and overall well-being (it’s not just about training with Rushda, it’s about being the best version of YOU!) I’ve managed to meet and surpass all of those goals! I’ve lost weight and gained muscle. I was the girl that couldn’t run for 100m without stopping and now I’m able to do a beautiful 10km. I can hypothetically kettlebell swing my 2.5 year old daughter that says “Mum you going to Rushtush?” (haven’t tried it, but she’s lighter than the 12kg we swing). My health has improved, my mindset has gone from strength to strength, and the change in my body speaks for itself!!! Over and above that I’ve met and made friends with some wonderful Glow-girls, all super inspiring and beautiful inside and out, and I’ve fallen in love with my city all over again! I’ve had friends tell me Rush should be paying me royalties, but I can honestly say I do this testimonial out of my own experience and with the greatest thanks to the best PT ever! Time is great healer, but only if you make an effort and invest it in yourself, your well-being, health and wellness, and Rushda can help you do that with ease!! At the very end of the day, we each have to be our own champion!!! Here’s to bigger and better goals!! xxx”

Ayesha Hassim

“So this is my story: I have two baby girls, after the birth of my second daughter I failed to lose any weight, right up to 8 months later! Even after the birth of my first girl, I could not get back to my pre-baby weight. I felt completely depressed about my weight, about my body, and totally unsexy for my husband. I was still wearing a post-baby compression pants hoping it would help flatten my tummy AND even my maternity clothes as I could not fit into my normal clothes. decided that I needed to snap out of it and kick my fat ass goodbye! Through a friend, I met Rushda. Need I say more? I wanted to look like her! Her contagious optimism and enthusiasm for what she does as a personal trainer has inspired me, motivated me and, and of course supported (and she still supports) me to “be AWESOME”! I’ve lost weight and gained muscle. My physique has already changed for the better, and I’ve made my husband a very happy man! What more could a woman want? This is only the beginning of my life long fitness journey. Thanks Rushda for inspiring me to be a stronger, better, fitter, sexier beast (and woman)!!” 

Bilquees Jaffer

“Hey Rushda so jumped on the scale this morn for a sneak peak and am 1.4kg less than was on Sunday when I officially started the cleanse! Feeling so amped for the results by end of week 4!”

Merle Mills

“I never had abs before you! I look so skinny fat! Love my new body so much, and it’s so weird I was okay with my old body before but when you see the difference I would never go back! I’ve been training for over a year and no one thought I would train for so long, thanks to you!! I feel so bad for all the other girls that haven’t trained with you yet!”

Fatima Osman